Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How much do I need?

The departure date is almost here, and I have sold most of my personal stuff. The question of how much do I actually need is on my mind for quite a while. I believe there is no definite answer and it lies in the vague sphere of "it depends". Sometimes you need more, and sometimes less.

When I came to the US three years ago, I was really looking forward to get my own apartment with nice furnitures and all the amenities. Before moving to the Bay Area, I have spent two years in various places sleeping mostly on couches (or more or less comfortable beds). Therefore, I had the strong desire to get my own place, so that I can focus on starting the new life chapter in California.

After three years of enjoying the advantages of an apartment, the desire is changing again. It feels good to get rid of almost all my possessions and to fit my belongings in two suitcases and a few boxes. I have to admit though that I am going to keep my car. The 1990 Saab 900 Turbo Convertible is my dream automobile, and it would be hard for me to sell it. I'll put it in storage while I am gone.

So, what do I need for the next five months? Not much actually. Everything fits in a 38 liter backpack, and it's going to be carry-on luggage. It feels great!

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