Thursday, July 4, 2013

Welcome Asia!

Just touched ground in Taipei! My first time to be in Asia. Awesome! However, I won't spend much time here. It is just a layover before going to Tokyo. The first destination of my trip.

I feel that I am finally in travel mode. The last days in California were kind of weird. I was in a transition process, which is often not an easy time. I had already given up stable pillars of my life such as my job or apartment, but haven't started the new endeavor yet.

The adventure has now started, and I will fully embrace this unique time. My goal for the next five months is to really focus on the moment. Not thinking too much about the past or the future. I have done this mistake many times before. It hinders the true experience of the presence and makes life more complicated than it actually is.

I am really excited about what is ahead of me, and the little bit of nervousness I had right before leaving California is completely gone. Feeling good!

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  1. Good luck Jan!! We'll miss you here. Keep us updated with your adventure!
    Take care,